GED Testing to End – What Does It Mean for Canadian Workers?

 4 October, 2023

If you’re a Canadian worker working towards your high school equivalency through the General Education Development (GED) test, there’s a significant change on the horizon. As of May 3, 2024, the Canadian version of the GED test, administered by the TVO Independent Learning Centre, will cease to exist. Pearson Vue GED Testing Service, the provider of the GED test, is discontinuing its services in Canada, leaving many workers in a state of uncertainty and concern.

GED certification is a certified Canadian high school equivalency. Wikipedia defines it as, “The […] tests are a group of four academic subject tests in the United States and Canada certifying academic knowledge equivalent for a high school diploma.”

Workers should be concerned about the lack of information and support regarding this abrupt change. The service provider announced the discontinuation without providing any explanations or alternatives.

The GED test holds immense value for Canadian workers as it offers them the opportunity to earn an Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate. This credential is not only important for educational pursuits but is also often a prerequisite for employment and career advancement. Mature workers, in particular, who may have missed achieving a Grade 12 education, rely on the GED as a lifeline to opportunities and a brighter future.

With the sudden removal of this testing service, many workers who were working towards their GED find themselves in a state of uncertainty. Some have spent months, or even up to a year, preparing for the comprehensive series of five GED exams. They have been studying independently, gearing up for a brighter future. The unexpected change has left them anxious about their educational and career prospects.

As the May 3, 2024 deadline approaches, the prevailing concern is that a significant number of affected workers might remain unaware of this situation, potentially derailing their aspirations for educational and career growth. The discontinuation of the Canadian GED test raises questions about what alternatives will be available and how they will impact Canadian workers seeking educational equivalency. In today’s work environment, workers who are either displaced or looking to better themselves, through any type of education. This is very important.

We hope there is a viable alternative to the GED in Canada soon. This will help workers improve their chances at improving their wages and improve their lives. It will also remove the many anxieties the loss of GED has caused.

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